Cut Carbon - Wind Power

Wind Power through Group Power!

Switch to clean renewable energy for your household. 

Discounted Prices Announced

Important Renewal Information

The Groundswell negotiated rates with WGL are for new customers. 

If you signed up with Groundswell previously and your WGL contract is up for renewal, 

please visit  this Renewal Information document.

If you have trouble receiving these rates, contact Groundswell at or 202-753-9672.

Groundswell’s nonprofit team of experts have chosen a local energy supplier to offer you an affordable option for 100% wind power for your home. The process to enroll is easy: there’s no equipment to install and you’ll still receive one electric bill each month.

Join Groundswell and HoCo Climate Action and switch your home or apartment to clean power.

Your utility bill is a choice. Groundswell’s negotiated rates makes choosing clean energy easy and affordable

The power of buying in bulk – it’s the smart way to switch to wind.

Groundswell and partners have brought together more than 400 community organizations and 10,000 people to join in group purchases of wind power over the past seven years.  

Why wind? Taking 5 minutes to switch to wind reduces your household carbon footprint by about 25%. Switching your home or apartment to wind is the carbon impact of planting 177 trees. If 1,500 people switch to wind power together, that’s like taking 2,250 cars off the road.

Your money matters! Instead of paying a coal plant to produce pollution and asthma, the money you pay for electricity will go to a wind farm and will help create a better, pollution-free future.

About Groundswell: Groundswell is a nonprofit that negotiates for you. For the past seven years, Groundswell has been helping communities save money and create a better future. People have the power to switch their electricity to wind power. If we do it together, we can save money and amplify our impact. 

  • You have the power to choose your electricity supplier.
  • You still receive the same utility electricity bill and service.
  • Your utility (BGE/PEPCO) still remains your provider
  • No change in billing & payments
  • No fees & nothing to install
  • You will only be changing electricity supplier
  • Competitive rates with your utility rates
  • Groundswell vets and screens energy suppliers to ensure you get a fair contract and quality customer service.
  • By switching to 100% wind power through Groundswell, people paid 10% less than if they switched on their own.
  • PLUS a $10 donation back to HoCo Climate Action per enrollment
  • This program is open to any Pepco, BGE, & Potomac Edison customer.

Add your name to the list of people supporting clean renewable energy and combating climate change!

Questions? Contact or 202-753-9672. 

Want to reduce your carbon footprint by 8.5 METRIC TONS per year in less than 15 minutes?                                       

The average Howard County residence puts 8.5 metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year just through the use of electricity.   You can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint by signing up for clean wind energy!  

Learn where your electricity comes from and watch this short video on Our Energy Legacy

   Take action on Climate Change and say NO to destructive, dirty energy sources

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